Designed by the renowned Sukhoi Design Bureau, the SU26M is one of the world’s best aerobatic aircraft. It is built of composite materials that are light and robust, including carbon fiber, kevlar and titanium. The use of these advanced materials means that the aircraft can achieve high structural loads and enable it to perform the most radical aerobatics. The aircraft is a single-seater equipped with specific ergonomic seat positioning; a five-point safety harness and excellent visibility in any position. The sukhoi 26M is mounted with a M-14PF Vedeneyev 400 hp radial engine. This specific Vedeneyev is a nine-cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled engine; burning 100-octane gasoline and weighing 214kg dry. The performance of the Sukhoi 26M is impressive, including:

Structural strength: + / – 25 g’s.

Speed of Rotation: +400 deg / sec.

Max speed: 400 km / h.

YAK 52

The Yakovlev 52 in an excellent two-seat aerobatic trainer. With an operational limitation of +7 and -5 g’s this extraordinary machine can perform most all of the acrobatic manoeuvres competition catalogue. The Yak 52 is built almost entirely of aluminium and titanium. Has a tandem pilot configuration, where the training pilot occupies the front position and the instructor the rear. Its landing gear is retractable tricycle, assisted by an ingenious pneumatic system. The asymmetric wing profile is covered with an aluminium alloy, giving it great strength. The engine that is usually mounted in a Yak52 is a Vedeneyev M-14P radial of 360 hp nine-cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled and burns 100-octane gasoline. The dry weight is 214kg engine and its diameter is 0,985 m.